How strong is your password?

Data breaches are in the news – what can you do to protect your online accounts? Well, the only action you, as an end user can take is to change your passwords regularly.

So what does a good password look like? I’m sure you’ve heard that a good password needs to be 10 – 12 alphanumeric characters with mixed case, numbers, and symbols. Like this: ‘G56_32+hdW’.

Don’t want to remember a number of large, unwieldy passwords like that? Try using one, like the one above, and adding a symbol and letters to it to denote to which account it belongs.

So, if that was your FaceBook password, you might add ‘@FB’ to the end of it. That way, you need to memorize (or write down) one core password, and append account-specific suffixes to make it unique across accounts.

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