How will updates change with Windows 10?

With the upcoming roll out of Windows 10, one of the important questions to consider is how will updates change with Windows 10?

They will happen automatically. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing, as noted in this article . It is my experience that most users will ignore updates (Windows, Java, Flash, Reader, etc) so having the updates downloaded and installed automatically will make that process less-error prone.

That said, we are already annoyed enough by update-initiated reboots (in the middle of presentations, important meetings, etc). I don’t see that changing, even given that the new update scheme will allow for choice of update time.

So, what to do to avoid the often lengthy inconvenience? My advice is to attend to the PC, making sure it is up to date and free from pending reboots well before the urgent meeting. Maybe once a week – before going to lunch, perhaps? Set a reminder to make sure it is up to date and reboots.

But that’s just good practice in any event…

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