The high price of big-box

I just got back from a residential call. It was dispatched to me by an online work platform that gets jobs from service buyers and routes them to guys like me. In this case, the buyer was a big-box office supply store. The task was to set up a wireless router and connect two printers and two PCs to said router.

The cost to the end user was $468. That’s one hundred dollars for the router and $368 for installing it and connecting the devices to it. The big box store sold this poor woman a router and the installation thereof for nearly 500 dollars. Do I need to mention that it took me all of a half-hour to do the work?

And it was good-paying work to be sure. But I felt that this poor soul had been taken advantage of. She paid well over triple for the service¬†over what I would have charged. There’s just no reason to over charge people so much for simple service. I think the store took advantage of her lack of technical sophistication. And I think that’s a crap business practice.

Do you have any experiences with the high price of big-box store that just wants to squeeze you?

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