New Stuff to talk about

Like Windows 10. Have it? Like it? Want someone’s head on a stick because of it? I’m at a loss here in Help Desk land. Win 10 works really well, except for when it doesn’t. I’ve seen it as an upgrade for Win 7 and Win 8 and as a fresh install on a recently bought laptop. Sometimes it works well, but there doesn’t seem to be any pattern.

Does it support your printer, scanner, keyboard, or mouse? Maybe. Maybe not. There is an update checker online. The most common result I’ve heard is that the video system is not good enough for an upgrade. Of course, I’ve been seeing Win 10 blue screen with hardware it promised it was compatible with.

So my advice – if you really need the PC to work consistently, stay where you are. Wait a couple more months before upgrading. You may be rewarded for your patience with a more stable operating system.

Is there any other new stuff to talk about? Yes, glad you asked – there’s this: Chrome is dropping support for Java. Maybe its about time it did, maybe other browsers should follow suit, but if you rely on Java to get your work done, you’ll need to switch over to another browser. Ain’t technology fun?

How are the bad guys hacking so many accounts?

Short answer: They are being given permission. Victims click on the links, or respond to spoof emails with personal data, and give the bad guys the keys to personal accounts.

Here is a story on hacking gmail accounts.

In this attack, as with most such attacks, the victims must voluntarily give out their info. So, the answer to the question, How are the bad guys hacking so many accounts?, is that we are still letting them.

Be careful out there – don’t click that.