So Whats New?

People frequently ask me, “So What’s New, Frank?”

Well, firstly, you may be surprised to know my name isn’t Frank. But more importantly, lots. Lots is new. Lots are new? There are many things that are new. Let’s look at one now.

Microsoft recently brought out Office 2016. There is a review of it with comparison to Google Docs, here. The upshot is that it performs better document collaboration and sharing that previous Office, and has some advantages over Docs. The advantages are mostly in those things that set Office apart from Docs, such as built-in Skype calling and Bing searching. There are downsides to it as well, such as limitations in collaboration and sharing. Which is kinda why you’d be looking at such a product in the first place.

And, of course, both products rely on a stable, fast Internet connection. Many of my clients live and work in places that do not enjoy such a connection, so the user experience is likely to be sub-optimal. As with any tool, try it before you commit to it, and consider alternatives during the process.

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