Windows 10 So Far

So what is your experience so far – is Windows 10 helping you get work done or frustrating you? People have been emailing (mostly from the UK and Canada, whats up with that?) to describe their woes with W10. So far, the complaints have a couple common threads.

First is hardware. There will always be some hardware issues, such as printers that won’t play with the new OS. I’ve also been hearing about on-board hardware such as headphones and DVD drives that don’t work correctly after an update. Hardware issues can be very frustrating, so make sure to check the PC’s/laptop’s manufacturer’s web site for compatibility issues before upgrading, or for drivers afterward.

Second are the usability issues: How do I find <whatever>. Those issues are usually easy to solve as W10, just as 8, 7, and Vista before it, is equipped with a search function that usually works well. Tap the Windows key and start typing the thing you want.

Which brings us to a real problem, and one I have personally seen – Cortana and search stop functioning altogether. I did find a really good fix online – use the second option for PowerShell.

Windows 10 is a good move in my experience so far – as long as your workflow doesn’t get broken by this OS fix. Remember to check with software vendors before upgrading to make sure your important programs will keep working.

Use the comments to share your experiences!