Some quick tweaks

Hi Everyone – there are three reasons why your PC might be starting to slow down a little, and quick ways to check and fix them. The first way is that the hard drive might be getting full. Look in Windows Explorer and see how much free space it still has. 15% of total volume is a good rule of thumb for available free space. If you have less, right click on the C drive, choose Properties, and click the Disk Cleanup button. You can’t hurt the system using this method, so go ahead and delete whatever the cleaner finds.


The second way depends on the file index. Windows keeps track of all the files on your hard drive, and updates the index frequently. It’s very possible that the index includes places you don’t need to search, so go click the Start button and type Index. The search function will find Index Options. Open that and click Modify. Uncheck any Internet Explorer selections, and any other folders that you aren’t likely to need (keep folders such as Documents and Pictures checked). Once done, click Advanced and click Rebuild Index.


Last, the desktop might be a bit cluttered. Windows keeps the desktop up to date by refreshing it several times a second. The more the system has to repaint, the slower it can get.  I recommend you move folders with large file volumes (1 GB or more) to your Documents folder and place a shortcut to the folder on the desktop. And just delete things you don’t need. A clean desktop is a happy workspace!

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