Lets all make our PC user resolutions

Here is a link to a 5 year old article about PC use complaints that is as relevant now as it was then. So why are these issues the same now as they were then? Haven’t computer users gotten smarter in the last five years? Well, yes and no. The computing world moves fast and its nearly impossible for regular users to keep up with all the changes. Couple with a demonstrated lack of patience, and its no wonder so many people get in so much trouble.

Its a great time now as we head into the new year to make a few resolutions:

  • Don’t click that. Seriously, I don’t care how legitimate it looks. Unless you were expecting it, do not click on attachments. The viruses spread these days by infected attachments are typically of the ransomware variety, meaning you will lose your documents, all your documents, with no hope of recovery. So don’t click that, okay?
  • Use better passwords. We’ve talked about what elements make a good password, and although they are cumbersome to use, change your passwords. Your computer login password should be something you can remember, and passwords for online accounts of any importance (email, financial, etc)  should be 10-15 characters with numbers, mixed case, and symbols. I know its a pain, but security isn’t supposed to be convenient.
  • Back up your data. If its worth keeping, its worth keeping secure. Make sure all the important docs, pictures, and files are backed up to something. It can be an external drive, a thumb drive, or even better, off site, online backup. Online backup allows for retrieval in the event of destruction of the equipment or corruption of the data. Its better to back up too much rather than not at all.
  • Be patient. When something goes wrong, or appears to have gone wrong, just stop a sec. Breathe and think. Look at the error message and google the message if it doesn’t really mean anything to you. The fix may be simple. Just take a second and be patient.

That’s it. Four things I’d like you to incorporate into your day-to-day computing. It will make your life so much simpler. Let me know in the comments what you think and what your biggest tech headache of 2016 was.

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